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The shipyard was founded in 2001with the benefit of a long experience and very old construction skills. Since 1985, Oguz has moved on to exceptional yacht construction and has launched more than 15 new high class yachts in different sizes. The most famous one is « Chimera » as she is called in the James Bond movie « Skyfall ». Oguz Marin Bodrum has combined the traditional Turkish Gulet and modern yacht styles, becoming expert in building wooden, steel and aluminium yachts.

The Shipyard

Our shipyard is located in Tavsan Burnu, Bodrum where we have facilities with a close area of 1.650m².

Hull construction, inside layout works, electricity, hydraulic and painting works are totally done in our ship building halls.

Steel construction

Welds are controlled by radio on different stages, before sandblasting. We only use very high quality steels accepted by the qualification society and pre-cut according to the plans of our technicians and architects.

Aluminium construction

In a superior navy quality material, the welds, superstructures, beautifully polished pieces, masterfully concealed wiring and rigging, and accessories are all corrosion resistant. All this combined with a proven design that is entirely customizable and you get the highest construction quality.

Wood construction

We also build wooden boats by using modern methods (laminated epoxy) as well asclassical methods (Carvel built). Wooden boat construction is very traditional in Bodrum, so all our workers have been quite experienced for generations.